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Marketing consulting company providing services for the private and public sector, We have worked on various consulting projects across the country.

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Encrypted Bits is a Marketing Agency, all that you would require; design & development. We choose to invest all that we know to the advantage of your organization, in that way we are changing the world through creativity and strategy.
As an agency that is lead and ran entirely by the online generation, we are enthusiastic about our work. We offer piquancy, a flavoured quality, an exceptional service for your business and a timely sharpness to get through.


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Content Editor

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I look forward to all my meetings with clients on the daily, meeting diverse people with diverse ideas for their businesses, it is at the core of what I do.

Elisha Murwa
Business Development

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Can you code your way into anything, take the challenge, be part of our team "developer", we eager to know more about you, send us a link to your portfolio.

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Client focused advisory consultancy division that assesses each project uniquely.

Our advisory services include strategic planning, impactful messaging, nurturing campaigns, market research & competitive analysis, marketing & sales automation tools selection, database development, marketing & sales transformation and other unique challenges your organization is currently seeking strategies to improve on.
Encrypted Bits has a client focused advisory consultancy division that assesses each project uniquely, we will assign a dedicated account manager to provide you with a detailed strategy. We are dedicated to assisting our clients enhance their performance in the market through innovative thinking and proven methodologies sourced from our experienced team.

Our advertising mediums range from digital to print advertising.

Use our advertising channels as a means of communicating with prospects, clients or citizens , our advertisements are put together by a professional team from design to placement and are intended to inform and influence people who receive them in a meaningful way.
We tailor advertising packages for both the public sector and the private sector which are focused on your short term or long term strategy. Our advertising mediums range from digital to print advertising, our turnaround time for both digital and print is remarkable from the moment we receive your call or email.

Research is at the core of any strategy engagement we take on.

Our Team comprises of specialized individuals that analyze the client’s business structure, then create, develop or maintain ongoing strategic marketing plans. We offer a full scope report of your business in the market sourced from online reporting tools, the media and your clients.
Concept to implementation our team will provide round the clock reporting on any key milestone and objective we have laid down in the plan we strategized for your organization’s marketing strategy. Research is at the core of any strategy engagement we take on.

All tailored according to size and foresight of your business.

This process combine’s brand management support including website development, social media management and other avenues to create a long-term positive online presence. Key to remember organizations are often researched online before any initial approach by any prospect with internet access.
Every organization is different and so are its online requirements, we have various online presence management solutions / packages that can be tailored for your organization, all tailored according to size and foresight of your business. For any solution / package you choose you will still have a dedicated account manager.

We offer flexible, modular programs.

Framing real end user issues requires new and innovative ways of thinking. Organizations need to become more agile in their problem solving to frame customer issues and use creative approaches to innovate solutions that will measure to calculated turn around policies that will benefit the end user.
We offer flexible, modular programs that can be used to fill a short term skills gap or as part of an on-going retainable service. Clients can select from a wide range of service offerings to meet their unique needs of the organization.

Dealing with the analysis of the strategic initial situation.

Publicity and Marketing support services have the fundamental goal of increasing sales and achieving a sustainable competitive advantage over the competition. Our Publicity and Marketing support services includes all basic, short-term, and long-term activities in the field of public relations and marketing.
The objective of our support services being that of dealing with the analysis of the strategic initial situation of an organization and the formulation, evaluation and selection of market-oriented strategies and therefore contributing to the goals of the organizations and its marketing objectives.

Looking for positive and negative opinions about any particular service or product.

Encrypted Bits develops an online and offline reputation strategy for a good way to showcase your company’s professional development and provide prospects with relevant content. We monitor organizations names daily with alert tools that will notify us should your organization find itself in a reputation crisis.
Reputation management is absolutely necessary for any organization that has clients with smartphones; they can make or break you online. We track actions and opinions, looking for positive and negative opinions about any particular service or product, then removing negative opinions online about your business or converting them into positive opinions.

We provide a stellar service in collation and grading of responses.

Advert response handling follows a successful placement on digital media or print media; this could be through impactful messaging, recruitment, nurturing campaigns, market research & competitive analysis, marketing & sales automation tools, database development, marketing or sales transformation strategies by your organization.
We provide a stellar service in collation and grading of responses from the intended target market group following a placement; our transparent and ethical policies ensure you receive a day to day report on the assessments leading to the final screening report.

Our Clients

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Indeed, we make complexity simple, creativity isn’t just about colour, it is design and efficiency, application and understanding.

We’re Punctual

Our time is universal; we haven’t missed a single deadline for our clients to date. Be assured, the coffee never goes cold with us.

We have magic

Well... not exactly the Harry Potter type, the kind that turns ideas to reality, the kind that makes personalization a standard service.

We love minimalism

Simplicity is what the piano note is to the ear; minimalism is without clatter, minimalism is pure genius and necessity for the eye.

We’re responsible

Reputation management requires unfolding responsibility. We’re responsible for that as a matter of element for you.

We're Friendly

That goes without saying but we will say it none the less, our team had to have amicable on the resume to have made the team.

What people say?

I have seen first hand what the agency is capable of through one of their pro bono projects they carried out with an organization am involved with.

Joseph, via Facebook.

What people say?

We thank you, Regards

Mbanjwa, L Mbanjwa Incorporated.

What people say?

I like the energy your site brings

Akani via Twitter

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