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We are the youth empowered, we are the online generation, digitally inspired.

Elisha Murwa
Encrypted Bits is a Digital Agency, all that you would require; design & development. We choose to invest all that we know to the advantage of your business, in that way we are changing the world through creativity and strategy.
As an agency that is lead and ran entirely by the online generation, we are enthusiastic about our work. We offer piquancy, a flavoured quality, an exceptional service for your business and a timely sharpness to get through.


Do you know just what to say all the time? Well... we have been looking for you, send us an essay about "Time".

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Content Editor

Hello World!

I look forward to all my meetings with clients on the daily, meeting diverse people with diverse ideas for their businesses, it is at the core of what I do.

Elisha Murwa
Business Lead

Hello There!

Can you code your way into anything, take the challenge, be part of our team "developer", we eager to know more about you, send us a link to your portfolio.

We are Hiring


"Click on your required service"

One of the building blocks to a corporate image in modern day business.

Business Development
We will have coffee with you whilst presenting our designs today, seven (7) days later we will have your business website fully operational and ready for business. We develop responsive websites, websites that are optimized for any device just like this one, navigable on any device.
This is for businesses that understand and have embraced stage 3 of business, which is digital intergration, We develop optimized and responsive websites to provide a better experience for all your prospective clients. Well... since you are here, this is good start for your business.

A strong online presence builds sense of legitimacy and soundness.

Business Development
This process combines web design and development, blogging, search engine optimization, pay per click marketing, reputation management, directory listings, social media, link sharing, and other avenues to create a long-term positive presence for a business, or product in search engines and on the web in general.
Every business is different and so are its online requirements, we have various Online Presence Management Solutions / Packages for your business, all tailored according to size and foresight of your business. For any Solution / Package you choose you will still have a dedicated account manager.

Your business reputation forms part of your credibility and reach for your business.

Business Development
Encrypted Bits develops an online strategy for a good way to showcase your company’s professional development and provide prospects with relevant content. We monitor business names online daily with alert tools that will notify us should your business name find itself in mud anywhere on the internet on rating & reviews websites and social media.
Reputation Management is absolutely necessary for any business that has clients with Smartphones, they can make or break you online. We track actions and opinions, looking for positive and negative opinions about any particular service or product, and removing negative opinions online about your business or converting them into positive opinions.

Your business requires a Social Media Strategy.

Business Development
Social media monitoring and content generation is at the core of our management process as we have to keep you relevant and constant whilst being the first on the scene when a client posts a rating, review or remark about your business so we can sign it off, alter or assist your client to good customer service.
To maintain an online presence and brand recognition, businesses need to use a combination of social media tools such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and Instagram, oh and being able to sit face to face with your clients on Skype when you have that conference meeting or have to look your client in the eye.

Why Choose Us?

We’re Creative

Indeed, we make complexity simple, creativity isn’t just about colour, it is design and efficiency, application and understanding.

We’re Punctual

Our time is universal; we haven’t missed a single deadline for our clients to date. Be assured, the coffee never goes cold with us.

We have magic

Well... not exactly the Harry Potter type, the kind that turns ideas to reality, the kind that makes personalization a standard service.

We love minimalism

Simplicity is what the piano note is to the ear; minimalism is without clatter, minimalism is pure genius and necessity for the eye.

We’re responsible

Reputation management requires unfolding responsibility. We’re responsible for that as a matter of element for you.

We're Friendly

That goes without saying but we will say it none the less, our team had to have amicable on the resume to have made the team.

What people say?

I have seen first hand what the agency is capable of through one of their pro bono projects they carried out with an organization am involved with.

Joseph, via Facebook.

What people say?

We thank you, Regards

Mbanjwa, L Mbanjwa Incorporated.

What people say?

I like the energy your site brings

Akani via Twitter

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